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content publishing & analytics -

Content Marketing Platform for sharing assets hosted within MediaValet's cloud DAM. Create campaigns and track the performance of each by metrics such as engagement minutes and views.

I led the UX/UI design process from market research, to rough wireframes, to high-fidelity interactive prototypes. Then implemented my designs in code with the development team.

Technologies used: Sketch, Invision, Angular, React, Node, Azure




Enter any phrase to generate your own dystopian Trumped up version.

Technologies used: React, Node, Natural Language Procession


tRYCATch - adventures in learning


An interactive learning game aimed at elementary aged children. With a modular core mechanism of a player catching dropping elements, the game can be expanded to teach a multitude of things. Currently shipping with two themes/learning outcomes: spelling in space & math in the tropics.

Technologies used: JavaScript, HTML5 Canvas, JQuery, CSS3, MongoDB.

Click here for detailed blog post on the process behind the game


the boulevard coffee roasting co.


A custom redesign of the café's website, tailored to best reflect the ethos of the company. Responsive, dynamic, accessible, and content-first.

Technologies used: HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, PHP.

Click here for detailed blog post on the creation of the site